For a Successful Outdoor Movie Screening, Check and Test Your Equipment

Outdoor Movie So you've got your Open Air Cinema movie system, and you're ready to show it off for guests or clients. Now the last thing you want when screening your outdoor movie, is to find yourself stuck without the right projector cable, or to blow up your screen and realize it's dirty from the last event, or to discover any sort of snag at the last minute that leaves you standing in front of a restless group, waiting for their show to start.

The Equipment Checklist for Your Outdoor Movie

The key to avoiding these types of issues is simple: make an equipment checklist. An equipment checklist is just a page listing all the gear you need for your outdoor movie to work. It's a visual reminder to stop, find, and check that each necessary piece of equipment is present and in good working order before you begin the set-up process.

Loose-leaf or Laminated for Your Outdoor Movie

The list doesn't need to be fancy. How official it should look may depend on what kind of Open Air Cinema system you own. If you're a large or medium-sized company, maybe you want to keep a clipboard with several copies of your checklist near where your gear is stored. This way, employees can date and initial each equipment check on a new sheet for each individual job.В  If your outdoor movie system is just for your family and neighbors, maybe you want to laminate your checklist and keep it with a dry erase marker to reuse every time you set up.

Before & After Your Outdoor Movie

Small components like cables and ground stakes especially tend to get lost in the shuffle. This is even more likely after your screening is over and you're packing up for the night. While a run-though before an outdoor movie screening insures all the equipment will be ready to go, a run-through after makes sure you leave no part behind. This is why it's a good idea to run-through your checklist twice, once before and once after, and preferably by two different people. Making sure your event runs smoothly and seamlessly is easy.В  Just remember to set-up your checks & tests. Be consistent about applying them. You'll save yourself a world of stress and gain the trust of your clients and partners. Happy watching!

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