Sound dampening blower box: what is it?

Some of the advantages of Open Air Cinema screens are that they are lightweight and can serve you for years to come. These are achieved by the breathing design of the screen. Which means that an air blower needs to be constantly on during the show.

Open Air Cinema inflatable screens are not limited to the outdoors use. Sometimes you may want to throw a party in your school's gym, large conference room or a small concert hall.

And this is where the air blower noise might turn into a problem. To address this we have created a specialized device to cut off up to 30% of the original noise.

We've set a task to make this device -- called sound dampening box -- compact, lightweight and easy-to-use. We came up with a folding structure, using sound-absorbing plastic and fabric mix.
Open Air Cinema Sound Dampening Blower Box Folded
To make sure our air blower muffler functions as we intended for it to do, we put it through dozens of science-backed, real-life tests. By using the sound dampening blower box at our own screenings, we discovered additional use cases for the muffler device. After which, we added a vinyl layer that helps protect the air blower from precipitation, dew and debris.

We also recommend using the Open Air Cinema muffler at each and every event even if you don't need the air blower noise reduced outdoors. The muffler helps protect the air blower from pets and kids.

With Open Air Cinema inflatable screens we include air blowers made by XPower and B-Air from 1/4 to 2 HP. We offer Small, Medium and Large sound-dampening blower boxes to cover the whole model range of air blowers by these manufacturers. In case you have a different air blower model, contact us today for a custom solution.


Air blowers are commonly used in all the fields that involve inflatables. We regularly get clients that need to reduce the air blower noise for their inflatable advertising structures, bounce houses, water slides or even inflatable art installations.

So if you have any of those application needs, consider adding Open Air Cinema sound-dampening air blower box and protect your equipment along with the audience's audio sensibilities.

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