Shreveport, Louisiana: Outdoor Movie Projector Used as Part of New Christmas Program, 'Starlight Story'

. Broadmoor Baptist Church will take a modern-day look at the Christmas story with its new Christmas presentation, "Starlight Story," on Dec. 12-13. "Starlight Story" replaces "Bethlehem at Broadmoor," the church's biennial live Nativity, which has attracted between 22,000 to 25,000 people over two weekends in past years. "Any year we do it we have kind of a wrap discussion when it's over to talk about the pros and cons and what we might like to do differently," said Allen Hendrix, minister of communications. "We had people coming from miles and miles. But, typically, there were church vans and church buses and church groups coming to see us. We found that ... the people who were already coming were already church people and the goal has been to try to introduce the story of Christmas to those who may have never accepted Christ or may have questions about it." Making the decision to replace the popular holiday event came with much thought and planning. "We decided to re-gear it and although 'Starlight Story' is an outdoor event, there are no lines to wait in, which was one of the concerns we had before," Hendrix said. "Sometimes at the peak of the evening, you could wait an hour and a half before you could even get into the front door." "Starlight Story" is told in a multimedia format and uses an 80-by-45 outdoor projection screen. Hendrix said Christmas lights will adorn the oak trees on the church's property, and a pre-show beginning at 6:30 p.m. will include music, cookies, coffee and hot chocolate. The performance will start at 7 p.m. "It has a cinema type flavor to it, but there's also live acting and live music," Hendrix said. "Basically, we're going to walk people through the Christmas story, but we're going to tell it from sort of a modern-day slant to make it a little bit more reachable for those of us who didn't live 2,000 years ago." Sherry P. Shephard source-

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