Selecting The Right Digital Projector For the Best Outdoor Movies

(NAPSI)-There's good news for those in the market for a digital projector. There are more choices and higher-quality technology than ever before, whether you are installing the projector in your family room, living room or home theater. The latest high-definition (HD) 1080p digital projectors are designed for homeowners who want to re-create an authentic and professional digital movie theater experience. Fans of the technology say that with projectors, you're not just watching the big game, playing video games or watching movies-you're part of the action. Call plays like you're in the game, race through the streets as if you're on a course in Daytona, and enjoy movies like you're at the cinema on a Saturday night. Fortunately, no matter what your needs are when it comes to setting up a home entertainment system, it's likely that you can find a projector that fits the bill. That's because while there are basically two popular types of projectors available-LCD and DLP-they both have qualities and features that make each one a good choice. The question then is, which projector offers the best fit for your needs? LCD projectors In general, LCD projectors are said to provide richer colors for true-to-life images in movies. Fans say they also have excellent contrast, making dark scenes show better details and making outdoor scenes brighter. LCD projectors tend to operate cooler and have quieter fans, so you can enjoy the movie with less hum from the projector. DLP projectors Fans of DLP projectors describe incomparably rich and deep contrast levels that create striking images, even in a well-lit room. Plus, fast-action scenes tend to transition more smoothly. DLP projectors are often smaller, making them easier to set up and appear less conspicuous in a room. These projectors are also built without an air filter so their optic engines are less susceptible to dust problems, and maintenance can be simpler. Selecting a manufacturer When it comes to selecting a projector, one often finds that one company makes only DLP and another company makes only LCD, leaving your brand choice somewhat limited. But that's no longer the case because you can buy a projector from a familiar, trustworthy manufacturer, since Mitsubishi Electric makes both types. The company is considered by many to be an industry leader in home theater and big-screen-projection technology, recognized worldwide for innovation, high quality, impeccable performance and durability. source-

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