Seating for Your Open Air Cinema or Outdoor Movie Event

Preferred Seating's Folding Stadium Chairs Outdoor Movie SeatingThe sheer volume of stadium chairs on the market is incredible. At Preferred Seating, we have a chair that's right for your venue, whether it's a high school or university stadium, the Georgia Dome, a race track or a soccer field. One of our most versatile models of stadium seating is our portable folding chair. Like all of our stadium seating, our folding chairs are exclusively constructed of the same revolutionary, rugged, no-break, solid injected polypropylene that is used by the automotive industry. These nearly maintenance-free chairs are designed to withstand years of wear and tear without cracking, rusting or fading. These features will keep your chairs looking nice throughout the years while keeping your maintenance costs low. The Benefits of Folding Stadium Chairs Portable yet durable, these cost-effective solutions to your stadium seating needs weigh only 17 pounds. If comfort is one of your biggest concerns, rest assured that our chairs are ergonomically designed and contoured to mold to the human body. When you are ready to use them, slide the no break plastic brace onto a bleacher from the front. After the game or event is over, fold them up and store away. Venue owners have been requesting these seats for years. They keep the fans in the stands and keep them coming back for more by eliminating the backaches that come from sitting on bleachers or cement risers at a price anyone can afford. Now, thanks to Preferred Seating, you can finally get the chairs you want at an unbeatable price. Preferred Seating's Movie Theater Seating What does the term "movie house" bring to mind? If it conjures up buttered popcorn, delicious treats, double features and "Cinema Paradiso," our movie theater seating will hit just the right nostalgic note with you. At Preferred Seating, we have designed seats to enhance your movie viewing whether you are watching the latest horror flick or "Casablanca." Seating for live theater and concerts can be luxurious, with elegant velvet coverings. Movie theater seating, on the other hand, must be designed to resist the inevitable spills of soft drinks and candy, and the rigors of daily use. Our durable movie seat covering is made from stain-resistant twill fabrics and is easy to maintain. Movie Theater Seating that Fits Every Need At Preferred Seating, we customize out seats to meet your needs. We offer chairs in a wide range of seat widths, back pitch, shape, color, heights and finishes. Our fabrics come in a variety of colors that will match your decor, be it historical or modern. If you are searching for the latest in comfort, look no more. Our ergonomic movie theater seats are contoured to perfectly mold to your body and evenly distribute your weight allowing for hours of relaxed viewing. Our high-quality movie seating even factors in noise. Our seats are designed with gravity-assisted, spring mechanisms that will retract your seat soundlessly so as not to disturb your neighbor and vice-versa. Our chairs also feature retractable arm rests giving you more room to spread out. Visit Preferred Seating's Website

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