Science Channel features Open Air Cinema's Outdoor Movies on 'Catch it Keep it'

This Friday the Science Channel will air an episode of the new hit show Catch it Keep it featuring an Open Air Cinema System!В  Make sure to tune in to see what happens.В  Here is what Catch it Keep it says on their website about the show:

Our challengers are trying to win an Open Air Cinema set up complete with a 12 foot inflatable screen, an HD projector and full set of outdoor speakers. Too bad we're about to drop 24,000 pounds of steel on top of the prize just seconds after two 400-pound battering rams rip the screen to shreds. And if that wasn't difficult enough, three air cannons will be shooting gallons of paint at the otherwise pristine white screen. If any part of their prize gets splattered, smashed or shredded, they are going home losers. A challenge of this magnitude is going to take serious engineering and building skills. Let's hope this team is up to the task.

Prize: An Open Air Cinema system including a 12 foot inflatable screen, HD projector and stereo speakers. Value: $2,499 Method of Destruction: 12 tons of 20 foot steel beams will fall on the speakers and projector as 2, 400 pound battering rams swing down at the screen. 100 PSI paint cannons will fire gallons of paint at the screen.

Click here to see show times.

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