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Make sure to contact us today by filling out our online contact form if you have any questions aboutВ Open Air CinemaВ products, or if you'd like to place an order for an Open Air outdoor theater screen or system today.В  Click here to contact us. Scheduling Summer Time Events and Using an Outdoor Projector The summer solstice is quickly arriving on June 21st; you may ask why that is significant. Well it happens to be the day that TiregДЃn, Midsummer, Ivan Kupala Day, Saint Jonas' Festival, Kupala fertility rite, Wianki, and JДЃЕ†i are all celebrated. If that hasn't answered your question, or made you more confused on what this has to do with anВ outdoor projector, the simple answer is that it is the longest day of the year for us here in the northern hemisphere. Not to forget you down under, please come back to this post in 6 months for a good refresher. Long days lead some to be concerned with the timing of events and the use of an outdoor projector. We are here to assure you that you are in good hands. On the 21stВ of June the sun will set at the latest time of the year. For those of you in, say New York City, that means 8:31 pm EST. Even with the sun setting then, this gives you plenty of time to work in events even for those with kids, ending by 10:00 or so. The Right Outdoor Projector and the Right Time The modernВ outdoor projectorВ makes this all possible. The technology has been, and continues to evolve by leaps and bounds. It wasn't too long ago where you either needed complete darkness or an expensive pro setup in partial light to watch an outdoor movie on an outdoor projector. That is no longer the case. Current outdoor projectors are available to the general public at reasonable prices that will easily facilitate an outdoor move that can begin as soon as the sun sets. This has greatly expanded the use and applicability of outdoor projectors and our outdoor movie systems at Open Air Cinema. As the capstone activity to any event from the backyard barbecue to the high profile event that you may be planning, whether it's a movie for the kids, a multimedia presentation, or a concert with anВ outdoor projector; we have all that you need to make your next summer event a complete success whether it ends early or runs all night long. Also check out this post we wrote a while back that explains how to set up your outdoor projector.

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