Santorini, Greece: See Outdoor Movies at Open Air Cinema Kamari

Outdoor Movies at the Open Air Cinema Kamari in Santorini, GreeceOpen Air Cinemas have been established in Greece for decades and have become an ideal place for relaxing and entertaining evenings of outdoor movies during the summer months. In Santorini (an island that is within the first decade of the most popular holiday destinations throughout the world), the Open Air Cinema Kamari continues for over 20 years to offer visitors and locals unique evenings at the movies in an ideal environment. With modern sound and projection, A' class movies, it's garden like atmosphere, discrete lighting and the respect to the traditional architecture of Santorini, the cinema has developed into a popular and successful business. Aware of it's role in the local society, the cinema tries to contribute (with the support of the local authorities) being the home to various cultural events (Theatrics, Concerts) during the summer months.

History of Open Air Cinemas

From ancient times the theatres in Greece were open roofed; with the development of the cinema, films were shown in the local Kafeneion's and central squares of the towns and villages throughout the country, as well as in the theatres. In time many of the older theatres were remodeled to cater for the cinema. In the 1920's films shown were still without sound, and were shown with background music from gramophones, pianos or even orchestras, depending on the type of film. Due to the popularity of this new type of entertainment, open air cinemas started being created all over the country, with a unique type of architecture (some of which were designed by famous architects of the time) needing enough space for the screen and audience, toilets, and a bar for refreshments, and the projector room. In the 1930's the use of tickets became compulsory. From this time onwards the cinema, especially open air cinema, became a part of Greek life, and has remained one of the most popular types of entertainment, charming its audience throughout the warm summer evenings. Visit the official Open Air Cinema Kamari site at:

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