Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk's Free Outdoor Movies Series

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Open Air Cinema is proud to share in the experiences of our customers. Creating the complete outdoor movie system package is only half the fun; the other half is hearing how it is being used. Whether it's with our CineBox Home, Pro or Elite Systems every memory made is important to us. That is why we start by carefully selecting the best system for you. And through the years of getting to know what our customers want and need, we are able to build you the movie experience you've always wanted. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is one of those customers and we are pleased to share their remarkable story. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is a distinguished seaside park and considered the best of its kind. The family-operated Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk celebrated its Centennial in 2007. As it is one of the last classic seaside amusement parks to survive in the United States, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk has maintained its status of the best by always offering the best in entertainment. Up and running since 1907 the Boardwalk has never missed an opportunity to blend classic with contemporary ways of entertaining. What can be more classic and cutting-edge then a high definition movie on the beach and under the stars? According to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, There's nothing quite like watching a classic movie on the beach with the world-famous Giant Dipper roller coaster lights twinkling overhead and the smell of Kettlecorn, hot dogs, and salt water taffy filling the air! They believe in affordable family fun and that is why movies on the beach are free as is their admission into the park. Needless to say movie night brings in a crowd and they needed our largest В and best system, the CineBox Elite 40' Outdoor Theater System. The CineBox Elite 40' System is unmatched in its quality, durability and versatility. An Elite System is perfect for accommodating truly large gatherings that need equally impressive audio and visuals to complement the event. The easy to use outdoor movie system is perfect for the bustling amusement park with a remarkable history and spectacular future. And so it can be for your community park, film or music festival, resort, or military base. Our CineBox Elite 40' System has become an investment for Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk that will last for years to come. Contact us by filling out our online contact form or call 866-802-8202 today and let us help you create memories for your next event!

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