Santa Catarina, Sao Tome and Principe: UNICEF Brings Education and Entertainment Through a Mobile Open Air Cinema

Outdoor Movies Through UNICEF's Mobile Open Air Cinema in Santa Catarina, Sao Tome and PrincipeThere is no need to dim the lights in the open air cinema of Santa Catarina, a small, impoverished fishing village on the northern shore of the island of Sao Tome. As the sound of music signals that it is showtime for the anticipated outdoor movies, nature takes care of the lighting. UNICEF's mobile movie vehicle is making a stop in Santa Catarina. The vehicle travels from village to village, providing an evening of entertainment through its mobile open air cinema (always welcome as there is only one regular cinema on the island) as well as life-saving information. Typically, upbeat music draws in the crowds, which then watch popular outdoor movies followed by short educational films on subjects ranging from malaria to cholera to HIV/AIDS. Afterwards, the audience can take part in a question and answer session. Tonight, a large screen has been set up under the moonlight. An announcer takes the microphone, telling the crowd that the Santa Catarina mobile malaria movie premiere is about to begin and that there will be a special guest. It is Xinha, a famous Sao Tomean singer, who has volunteered to perform some of her hit songs and talk about the importance of malaria prevention. An advocate for children, Xinha has worked with UNICEF for three years, popularizing key issues of child survival and child rights in Sao Tome. Source: UNICEF. Read full article at:

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