San Diego, California: Outdoor Movies at San Diego's Own Outdoor Cinema

Outdoor Movies in San Diego, CaliforniaLast night, I caught a screening of ‘Before Sunrise' at San Diego's outdoor movie theater. Cinema Under The Stars is hidden in a courtyard behind Tops, a non-descript hair salon in a quiet corner of the Mission Hills neighborhood. So that's probably why I never knew San Diego even had an outdoor theater until last night. But walk inside and you'll see they've built a pretty amazing outdoor cinema. With a total of 60 seats, CUTS my acronym, but maybe it's an inside joke? has 34 incredibly comfy zero gravity lounge chairs , plus cafe-style seating with chairs and tables in the back. There's a snack bar with all the treats you need, reserved seats, and a great list of upcoming films. As you wait for the movie start, giant bubbles shoot out from either side of the screen, and each film comes with a short. Last night's was Duck Twacy , an old Looney Tunes where Daffy Duck imagines he's a crime-fighter. They even provide blankets, in case you get a bit chilly sitting out beneath the stars. It's an amazing experience. If you're ever in San Diego, don't miss it! Source: "San Diego's outdoor cinema" by Patrick Crowley. Read full article at:

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