Salerno, Italy: WWII Outdoor Movies Attracted Attention for the U.S. Army in Salerno, Italy

Outdoor Movies at the U.S. Military Base in Salerno, ItalyWhen U.S Army soldier Tom Kullman was at Salerno, Italy, during World War II, the Army would show outdoor movies for the troops in the area. The place where they showed the movies was near a road they called "Highway 66," which was heavily traveled by trucks carrying supplies to the front. "I had seen the movie they were showing one night, so I walked out. About that time, a German Ju88 dove out of the night and strafed the highway," Kullman said."I wasn't anywhere close to the road, but it scared me to death. I had never been under fire before. "I suppose he saw the lights from the movie and thought there might be a convoy on the road." That Kullman had never been under fire is amazing, considering he was usually stationed with 10 to 15 miles of the front in the campaigns from French Morocco, across North Africa and up the Italian boot, helping man the early-warning radar units. Regardless of such "unwanted attention", outdoor movies were a popular form of entertainment for soldiers both abroad and at home. Outdoor movie events helped keep up the spirits of the soldiers and remind them of home. Today, many military bases show outdoor movies for soldiers and their families. Source:

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