Bridal Veil Outdoor Film Festival Benefits the Rwanda Cinema Center

Bridal Veil Film FestivalFor several years organizations such as Film Aid and the Rwanda Cinema Center strive to better the quality of life of those in impoverished nations through the power of film, as well as giving them the resources and opportunities to tell their own stories with film. Their efforts in using inflatable movie screens and mobile outdoor cinema equipment from Open Air Cinema have proved extremely successful within villages and refugee camps in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, & Tanzania. The Bridal Veil Film Festival is a charitable event to celebrate arts and international culture. The Festival is nestled between the mountains at the base of Bridal Veil Falls in Provo, Utah. The three weekend event intends to raise money for the Rwanda Cinema Center. The festival begins September 12th and concludes September 28th. With a diverse selection of movies from over nine different countries, the Bridal Veil Film Festival is a unique celebration of culture and beauty that viewers will never forget. Film Schedule 8 pm, Sept 12 - Life is Beautiful (Italy) 8 pm, Sept 13 - Amelie (France) 8 pm, Sept 14 - Dreams (Japan) 8 pm, Sept 18 - Children of Heaven (Iran) 8 pm, Sept 19 - Cinema Paradiso (Italy) 8 pm, Sept 20 - Chariots of Fire (England) 8 pm, Sept 21 - Grizzly Man (USA) 8 pm, Sept 25 - Wings of Desire (Germany) 8 pm, Sept 26 - Wardance (Uganda) 8 pm, Sept 27 - 2001 Space Odyssey (USA) 8 pm, Sept 28 - City of God (Brazil) The Bridal Veil Film Festival is located at the foot of Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon, Utah. The giant 50ft. screen and seating for 500 viewers is situated directly below the falls on the north side of the Provo river. The Falls are located about 3 miles from the entrance of the Canyon on the Provo side (southern entrance to the Canyon). Price: $8 Donation Ticket. Available at Entrance or Online Location: At the base of Bridal Veil Falls, Provo Canyon, Utah. Bring: Blankets, lawn chairs, couches, recliners, etc. Dress warm! More About the Rwanda Cinema Center The Rwandan Genocide occurred in 1994 where nearly one million people were brutally murdered due to ethnic and economic differences. Eric Kabera, founder of the Rwanda Cinema Center, was an assistant to news crews coving the genocide events. He thought a film about the genocide would remind the world what happened during the three terrible months in Rwanda when so many lives were lost. In 1997, Eric Kabera created a film entitled 100 Days with British director, Nick Hughes, to raise awareness both locally and globally of the tragedy and violence occurring in Rwanda. His movie inspired the making of the film Hotel Rwanda. In 2002, Eric Kabera founded the Rwanda Cinema Center with the intention to train and facilitate filmmaking in Rwanda. The film school trains youth how to make films in order for them to share their own stories. While these movies could be viewed in most parts of the world, there was no way to show the movies that were made in Rwanda to the people in Rwanda. In 2005, Monica Horan Rosenthal from Everybody Love Raymond donated an Open Air Cinema inflatable movie screen system to Eric Kabera. The portability and durability of the Open Air Screen enabled Eric to launch the Hillywood Film Festival. The Hillywood Film Festival highlights movies created by Rwandan film makers from the Rwanda Cinema Center in conjunction with other international films and has been traveling the country for the past four years. The objective of this film festival is to provide two weeks of education and entertainment to the people of Rwanda. Rwanda has one of the highest levels of illiteracy in Africa, if not in the world, and you can imagine the power of these visuals, says Eric Kabera. Many directors from Hollywood and employees from the Tribeca Film Festival have come to Africa to contribute to the festival. One Rwandan actor stated, If we keep acting at least the world will know much more about Rwanda. Eric Kabera's 16 ft screen is getting old and worn from rapid use. In June of 2008, Open Air Cinema donated a Sanyo Projector with a 9 ft movie screen and entered into a partnership with the Rwanda Cinema Center. Now Open Air Cinema is looking for more opportunities to help them get additional equipment in order for the film festival to expand to further countries in Africa such as Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Burundi.

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