Riverside Screenings: Outdoor Movies at the Cambridge Film Festival

Outdoor Movies at the Cambridge Film FestivalPunting on the Cam is jolly fun, they say. Well, yes, it is. Especially at night, with outdoor movies thrown in. Last week, after filming an interview for ITV Anglia, the Cambridge Film Fest organizers dragged us off, along with some press, on a mystery punt tour along the Cam. Every so often, we slowed alongside a screen, and watched a short film, then floated off into the darkness to the sound of owls and waterfowl. The films themselves were a slightly odd choice, but it all added up to a unique film-watching experience. It's well worth considering if you're around during the festival, especially as they throw in champagne and nibbles. Two words of advice though: (1) Wrap up warm. It gets bloody cold on the river at night. (2) Don't have two pints of beer just before getting on board. There are no toilets on a punt, no convenient landing stages until the end, and peeing in the river is generally frowned upon in mixed company. The Cambridge Film Festival has always been keen on taking cinema into the great outdoors and this year is no different. So, on four nights before and during the Festival we invite you to enjoy two great Cambridge traditions: watching innovative and compelling outdoor movies presented by the Festival, and punting on the Cam at dusk. We will meet at the Red Lion in Grantchester where you can take advantage of promotional offers for ticketholders or even enjoy a pre-punt supper. Then, as the sun sets, a flotilla of punts, kindly provided by Scudamores, will set off from Grantchester Meadows, stopping at regular intervals in front of screens along the riverbank.

Outdoor Movie Screenings

Screening will start from Grantchester Meadows, below the Red Lion, with chauffeured punts departing at ten minute intervals between 8.00pm and 8.50pm. There will be four screens spaced along the river, each showing specially curated programmes lasting approximately 90 minutes. Punts will pause to allow the audience to watch a range of shorts and excerpts before continuing on along to the next location. The post-programme disembarkation point is at the Newnham end of the Meadows, a 15-minute walk from the Red Lion car park and a three-minute walk from the Newnham car park. Customers can also choose to start and/or finish the evening at Scudamores' Main Boatyard in Mill Lane, Cambridge, as chauffeured punts are available to get to and from Grantchester.

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