Get Ready For Spring With Open Air Cinema's 16' Pro Outdoor Movie System

Open Air Cinema Outdoor Movie System Springtime is fast approaching, and we know that the change of season means the beginning of outdoor movies for much of the United States and other places around the world! As you consider which outdoor movie system you'll be purchasing for the beginning of the 2011 season, check out Open Air Cinema's 16' Pro inflatable movie screen system. The 16' Pro system is one of our most popular outdoor cinema systems, as it is the perfect size for those wishing to have the very best in outdoor entertainment for their backyard barbecues, sports screenings, and group activities. It is also large enough to host community events for townships, smaller municipalities, company parties, retirement homes, resorts, and many other applications. The 16' Pro portable movie screen that comes with every 16' Pro outdoor movie system features high-tech and durable construction that is engineered to allow years of use, even in harsh conditions. The inflatable screen frame is built with heavy-duty PVC vinyl material that is reinforced for durability and strength, and has rear triangular stability arms that allow setup with one person while also adding extra wind resistance and strength. Additionally, the outdoor movie screen features a wrinkle-free projection surface that is zippable for easy storage and cleaning. Each 16' Pro outdoor movie system comes with a powerful audio-visual system that produces a bright, clear image, and impactful sound. The audio-visual system comprises an outdoor projector, outdoor speaker system, and audio-visual console that enables you to hook up virtually any device (dvd players (comes stock with system), iPads, VHS decks, Satellite or Cable TV, Netflix, and much more). The 16' Pro system can be easily upgraded to OAC True HD, the industry standard for high-definition outdoor entertainment. When you upgrade your system to OAC True HD, you'll upgrade your outdoor projector to either a 720 or 1080 resolution projector, depending on your budget and needs. We recommend the 1080 package, as you'll notice the biggest difference in visual and audio quality. For the very best in outdoor entertainment, make sure to upgrade your system to OAC True HD, by either specifying when talking to an Open Air Cinema representative, or by upgrading your system directly in your shopping cart on the Open Air Cinema website. Contact us today to talk to a friendly Open Air Cinema representative about purchasing a 16' Pro outdoor movie system. If the 16' Pro isn't the system for you and your group, we'll design a system that will meet your budget and needs. We look forward to talking to you soon!

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