Queenstown, New Zealand: Twilight Cinema Presents Outdoor Movies -A Review of 'Young@Heart' (2008)

Outdoor Movie Review of Twilight Cinema in New Zealand continues its second annual season of outdoor movies at Queenstown Gardens with a feel-good mix of comedy, romantic, drama, thriller and classic outdoor movies for an adult audience. The popular outdoor cinema also features indie films such as the critically acclaimed and audience-beloved "Young@Heart" (2008). This arthouse documentary follows an elderly choir that covers classic rock songs from artists such as The Clash, Sonic Youth, the Ramones, and Coldplay. As comedic as it may be to watch senior citizens belting out "Should I Stay or Should I Go", the real meat of the film are the members of the choir as they battle with issues of health, friendship, and loss. The following is a review of "Young@Heart" by Kat Brown of Empire Magazine. You can read the original blog post about the outdoor movie event here. Plot The Young At Heart Chorus has an average age of 81. As they prepare for a concert in their home town after a triumphant global tour, illness and personal tragedy threaten to stop the show altogether. Review Usually footage of the elderly failing to live up to their past-it stereotype slots right in with pratfalling kids and fluffy animals for cheap awwwws, but this engaging documentary proves that footage of old people singing Stayin' Alive shouldn't be restricted to YouTube. The Young At Heart Chorus from Massachusetts, with an average age of 81, have sung their versions of the Ramones and Sonic Youth in front of royalty, and while it's funny and novel to watch them sing, it's their personalities that provide the real heart. Hearing them talk about music and coping with growing old is inspirational, but never Hallmark sentimental. Following their preparation for a concert while facing up to health problems and tragedy, this is a well-rounded and welcome portrayal of old people who live life to the full. Twilight Cinema Presents an Outdoor Movie Screening of Young@Heart. Verdict The devil may have all the best tunes, but it's the elderly who nail them. Charming, heartwarming and totally kick-ass, you'll never look at your grandparents in the same way. Source: Empire Magazine. Read full article at: http://www.empireonline.com/reviews/reviewcomplete.asp?FID=135734.

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