Projector Screens vs. TVs: Giant Screen Pros and Cons

projector screen Are you thinking about purchasing a projector screen, but you're wondering what the specific advantages are when pitted against the TV that you already own? We here at Open Air Cinema are committed to helping you make the right buying decision, so why not take a few moments with us to weight the pros and cons of buying a projector screen so that you can make the informed choice regarding your next entertainment system.

The Ease of Using Projector Screens

An outdoor theater system from Open Air Cinema is very easy to set up, so you can quickly start watching your movie in almost any environment. Depending on the specific model you choice, you can have your outdoor theater up in seconds or minutes, and once your movie is over our systems are light enough to easily carry away. Our big, high gain screens fill with detail and bright rich colors, on a scale traditionally reserved for movie theaters. Imagine taking your outdoor screen with you on a camping trip and being able to enjoy your favorite films after a long day of swimming and hiking. Take your screen into your backyard and turn any night into a night at the movies, complete with our included high quality sound systems. After it's all over, just pack it up and you're ready for next time, wherever that my be. If you love movies and being outdoors, try taking your projection screen with you on your next trip, even if that trip is to the backyard.

Quality Projector Screens

Also, our movie systems are constructed with the highest quality materials, all lightweight and easy to use to ensure the best possible viewing experience for your movie under the stars. You'll get plenty of bang for your buck in terms of screen-size when you compare the standard price of a large TV. You can easily project an image four times as large, up to some seriously massive proportion, with your projection screen, the only limit to how big your movie can be is the size of the screen your choose and the amount of space you have available for the projector beam. Plus, with a projector-based movie system from Open Air Cinema, you can bring your projector screen and projector indoors too! You'll have maximum flexibility regarding size, portability, and cinematic experience all for a price that perspectively can't be beat.

Projector Screens are the Perfect Match

As long as you're a movie lover, have a sense of adventure, and minimal spacial requirements needed for a projection screens, projector screens from Open Air Cinema sounds like the right movie system for you!

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