Project CineHope is Still Anyone's Game!

Project CineHope is Still Anyone's Game!

With nearly two months to go with Open Air Cinema's Project CineHope, the contest is still anyone's game! Through Project CineHope, we are giving away a 20' Outdoor Movie System to an organization that gets the most votes by June 15, 2012 through the Facebook CineHope Contest page.  We are also giving away second through fourth place prizes. The organization with the second most votes will receive a 16' OAC Home Screen, the organization with the third most votes will receive a 12' OAC Home Screen, and the organization with the fourth most votes will receive a 9' OAC Home Screen. The great thing about this contest is that it is open to any organization that wants to spread their mission through the medium of outdoor cinema. Whether you are a non-profit, community, military or government group, municipality, religious group, recreational facility, or an individual with a passion for a cause, you can qualify to win the 20' outdoor movie system or one of the three inflatable screens, given that you receive the requisite number of votes. If you haven't entered the contest yet, make sure to nominate your organization by going to the CineHope Contest Page today!

Rally Your Votes

As of today, the top contestant in the Project CineHope contest has a little over 500 votes. Most organizations with a Facebook presence have over 500 individuals they are connected with, whether through a Facebok page, group, or friends. This means that anyone can take the lead if they rally the votes through their network. With such high stakes (the 20' System first place prize is valued at $4,999!), it is worth it for almost any organization to solicit their community's help in order that they may win the outdoor movie system. We've published this help page on our website so that organizations can maximize their votes through their networks on Facebook, as well as through their newsletter campaigns and other resources. Make sure to check out the many ways that you can get votes by visiting our CineHope vote ideas page today!

Don't Give Up

Your Facebook and other social networks are powerful tools to spread the word about your organization, and to rally votes so that you can win the CineHope contest. It may seem like other organizations are too far ahead, but this is not the case. As we stated above, anyone can win the contest at this point, given that there are still almost two months to go until Project CineHope ends on June 15th, 2012. The key to winning Project CineHope is to urge your supporters and their families and friends to vote for your organization because of your worthwhile cause. Make sure to stress that 30 seconds of their time can go a long way in supporting the initiatives of your organization. With just a couple clicks of their mouse, they can support you and your organization's mission in a big way. The value of the outdoor movie system and inflatable movie screen prizes is in their ability to spread the mission and cause of your organization. In other words, if your supporters help you win one of the prizes, they'll be contributing to long term initiatives and will thus continue to give for years to come. The best of luck with Project CineHope, and we look forward to giving the prizes away to the organizations with the most votes. Make sure to nominate, vote for, and promote your organization today!

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