Port-au-Prince, Haiti Day 2: Camp Accra

Outdoor Movies Haiti.

We are working hard to get ready for our first outdoor movie screening which will happen tomorrow evening here in Port-au-Prince. As many outdoor movie enthusiasts know, producing an outdoor movie event can be a bit of work, especially as you round up all the necessary equipment and make sure everything is ready to go.В  We will be using an Open Air Cinema Cinebox Pro outdoor movie system for our first screening, and so that should make the work very manageable. We are working with a local freelance photographer and videographer to produce a short film about camp Accra, one of the tent camps where many Haitians are now living after their homes were destroyed in the earthquake more than a year ago.В  The film will be shown at the beginning of the outdoor movie screenings over the next week, and will highlight life in camp Accra. We took a few photographs as well, and thought we'd share them here on the blog. Keep coming back to visit the blog, as we'll be updating our progress as the project moves forward over the next two weeks. Outdoor Movies Haiti. Outdoor Movies Haiti. Outdoor Movies Haiti.

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