Planning for setup at your Outdoor Screening

outdoor screening The first rule of hosting an event is to always anticipate the unexpected. Whether you are entertaining a small group of friends, or planning a large community gathering, the last thing you want is delays on the big day. When preparing for an outdoor screening, it is important to sketch a good timeline before the event. Effective time management will ensure that you have a smooth set-up and a successful, enjoyable, worry-free night. Although you can never know exactly which variables could arise before your outdoor screening, allowing time to deal with these surprises will make sure you stay on track.

Outdoor Screening Made Easy

At Open Air Cinema, we make our outdoor theater systems as easy as possible to setup. Whether this is your first outdoor screening, or you are a novice, our equipment is a breeze to assemble and operate. For our large Elite systems, we recommend that you are at the location at least two hours in advance before show time. Depending on how many event technicians you have to help, this should be enough time to set up the screen, projector, audiovisual equipment, and to test your media. For the Pro and Home systems, an hour and a half should be enough time to get ready. The goal is to be totally equipped and organized so that the first guests will hear music upon their arrival. Even though the video or projection is not yet playing, the music will entertain your guests and signal that the outdoor screening is about to commence.

How to be Prepared for your Outdoor Screening

If possible, it would be beneficial to locate the power source at your venue prior to the event. That way you know where all your equipment can be plugged in and can configure the layout. It is important to plan where the screen and projector will go, and determine the seating arrangement. You should also double check that you have all the necessary cables for the outdoor screening. This will prevent delays, like having to run out to purchase a new cable that you left at your home or business. You should also try to test the media before the outdoor screening, to ensure that you or your client have the correct file type. Taking all of these precautions will give you plenty of time to setup your Open Air Cinema theater system and entertain all your guests.

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