The Perfect Summer Combo: Families, Blockbuster Hits, and Outdoor Theater

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Families, Blockbuster Hits, and Outdoor Theater

Growing up there are a few things that have always stood out amidst the memories of childhood and summer: family reunions and going to see a movie in the theaters. As summer time is upon us, many have already started the complex plans of what time and what location works best for all of the family. It is truly a labor of love. We often times struggle to come up with the right activities to fill the time. It can be difficult to come up with activities that can be inclusive of the whole group, especially as families grow in size. That's the beauty of Open Air Cinema's inflatable movie screens and outdoor movie systems. The potential for use of an outdoor theater system is endless, whether it's at a family reunion or any party that you may host this summer.

Outdoor Theater and the Power of the Cinema

The effect that movies and entertainment have had on our society cannot be fully grasped. The far reaching influence of theaters have had on each generation has been definitive ranging from the classic movie theater, the outdoor theater drive in, to the current trend towards personal theaters space, both indoors and outside. Movies have an unparalleled ability to capture the attention and wonder of the mind. Cinema facilitates and illustrates narrative in a unique way that cannot be replicated in any other art form. Theater, in all its forms has the reputation of being a form of art and entertainment, that at its best is viewed in groups. This is where Open Air Cinema's outdoor theaters come in to play. Going out to the theater can be fun, but it offers a slew of logistical planning problems, time taken away from the activities, and it usually lacks the ambiance of your chosen location for your reunion.

Whether you chose the ability to sit down and pick your favorite family flick with an outdoor theater, or bask in the nostalgia of blockbusters past there is nothing better then gathering the whole family together and experiencing the drama, the joy, suspense, and captivation of a large outdoor theater. And finally there's the financial cost of taking your entire family out to the movies.В  It can get expensive really quick, as ticket prices have climbed significantly in recent years.В  However with an Open Air Cinema outdoor theater, you can use it over and over again for many years without paying the theaters a dime, thus saving money in the long run, and spending more time with those who you care about most.

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