Paris, France: Outdoor Movies at the 'Cinema au Claire de Lune', or 'Moonlight Cinema'

Outdoor Movies at the Cinema au Claire de Lune in Paris, FranceEach summer in the month of August, CinГ©ma au clair de lune sets up its giant screen in famous parts of the capital... and invites the public to enjoy outdoor movies, moonlight cinema with great classic films of the past and present that have Paris either as their subject or setting. This year, this itinerant and free cinema festival is participating in the European Cultural Season in France and is inviting the public for the first time to discover a dozen or so European capitals. Famous film directors such as Luigi Comencini, Milos Forman, Pedro Almodovar, Ingmar Bergman, Alfred Hitchcock, etc. will plunge spectators in to the heart of the cities of Rome, Madrid, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Prague, Vienna... Not to be missed! CinГ©ma au Clair de Lune invites visitors to combine the discovery of Paris with the love of cinema and outdoor movies. For seven years, a venue has been chosen for spectators to come and see it through the eyes of a filmmaker. Free screenings of films are shown, both past and present masterpieces, most of them with Paris featured as the subject or background. And so, if Paris were Europe, each of its districts becomes a European country, like a piece in a puzzle, a mosaic of communities. Held this year under the auspices of the European cultural season, the Forum des images invites us to see Europe by moonlight like a festival of capitals: a programme of travels that explores the territories of our European neighbours, so close yet so far, and which, without leaving Paris, invites us to discover other towns and other cinema. Programme available online:

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