Pai, Thailand: Outdoor Film Festival Screens Outdoor Movies in Pai, Thailand

Outdoor Movies Festival in Pai, ThailandAccording to the International Film & Animation Festival 2008 will take place in Pai, Thailand. What a fabulous idea to watch movies outdoors under a sea of mist in one of the most romantic places in Thailand! To lie down or you could sit if you like, with someone, friends and family or your fiancee, in front of the big screen surrounded by beautiful, scenic hills and mountains alongside the river, I could not ask for a better place to spend a holiday between 28 November and 7 December. Especially at this time of the year, when the weather is beginning to turn cooler. Whoever came up with the idea of organising this event in Pai is a genius and should be applauded. For those who do not know about this place, you could just search Pai Thailand on the internet. Here is the website for the festival, which is still under construction: Paifilmfestival2008. Thank you again to for this very interesting information I do not think I will have the opportunity to go to Pai while the festival is taking place, which is unfortunate. As a movie goer and someone who used to regularly go to see outdoor movies at night during my youth, this event is highly appealing. It is a great shame that I am living abroad right now. If you have never watched an outdoor movie you should at least try once in your life. It will be a memorable experience. I cannot guarantee, but I hope. I was not paid by the Tourism Authority of Thailand to write this post; I am writing it of my own free will! Source:

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