Outdoor Theater System: Watch Movies of Eras Past

outdoor theater system

Outdoor Theater System: Watch Movies of Eras Past

The great thing about your Open Air Cinema outdoor theater system is that you can watch movies from any era, and can focus on favorites and classics from eras past. Positioning your outdoor cinema as a way to watch your favorite movies under the stars as an alternative to contemporary cinema where you can see blockbuster films is a great way to make your event unique and to draw out the crowds. Contact us today at 866-802-8202 to order your Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system or fill out our online contact form by clicking here. We look forward to speaking to you, and to placing your order today.

Outdoor Theater System: Drive-in Cinema

A big way to promote movies from eras past with your outdoor theater system is to set up a drive-in cinema like the drive in movies of yesteryear. An Open Air Cinema inflatable movie screen can be setup in virtually any location, so why not install it at your nearby parking lot, and encourage guests to drive in their cars and watch the movie! You can get a special radio transmitter (call us at 866-802-8202 to find out more) that will enable your guests to play the movie's audio directly through their car stereo system. Make sure to provide concessions at the event, as this will keep your guests full and entertained the entire time. You could even have your concessions workers on roller skates, delivering goodies to each car while your audience is parked. This fun filled event will bring old memories back for those who are old enough to participate in drive-in movies, and will create new memories for youngsters who have never before experienced outdoor cinema or drive-in movies.

Outdoor Theater System: Throwback Film Festival

Anyone can go and see the latest blockbuster film at your local movie theater, but many have not experienced classics such as The Bicycle Theif, the Wizard of Oz, Grease, and others on the big screen of an outdoor theater system. Putting on a throwback film festival where you show classic films and favorites from long ago will guarantee that you'll draw a big crowd. You'll be able to give your guests the experience that they've always wanted - to see their favorite films on the big screen the way they were meant to be seen. With so many old films being digitally remastered, you'll bring back memories in crystal clear high definition with an OAC True HD outdoor movie system. Contact us today at 866-802-8202 to order your Open Air Cinema outdoor theater system. We look forward to meeting you, and to placing your order today.

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