Outdoor Theater System: Spreading the Arts

outdoor theater system

Outdoor Theater System: Spreading the Arts

An outdoor theater system from Open Air Cinema can be a great tool to spread the arts and culture in your local community. With a giant inflatable movie screen, a super bright video projector, an audio visual console that you can hook up virtually an audio device to, and a powerful outdoor speaker system, putting on your own film festival or movie in the park event is a turnkey event! Contact us today at 866-802-8202 to order your outdoor theater system. You can also fill out our online contact form, or shop directly in the OAC online store, where you'll find everything you'll ever need to start your own outdoor cinema.

Film Festival With Your Outdoor Theater System

Putting on a film festival with your outdoor theater system can prove a great way to reach your community in a culturally significant way. Anyone can go to the cineplex and see the latest blockbuster film, but with an Open Air Cinema outdoor theater system, you can screen any movie you'd like, opening up literally thousands of possibilities for your audience. You know what's best for your community, and what they might be interested in. If you want to get a really good idea about what your community members would like to see, hold an online survey with a poll choosing between a variety of movies. You'll be guaranteed to have greater attendance at your next event, when you let your audience choose the film! And holding a series of films over a few days in a film festival style format, or over the course of the summer, will bring back your community members over and over again.

Nostalgic Outdoor Theater System

Nostalgia can be a powerful thing when it comes to screening movies with your outdoor theater system, and there are plenty of films to choose from when it comes to oldies. How many of your community members have seen the Wizard of Oz on the big screen, let alone under the stars? Or how about Grease, The Bicycle Thief, Singing in the Rain, or other classic films? With many of these films being digitally remastered and even available on Blu-Ray, you can give your community the gift of these films on the big screen like they've never had before! Make sure to check out the Criterion collection for some of the best classic films, and they will be able to help you secure your licensing as well. Again, you know your community best, so make sure to choose a film that everyone can enjoy. You'll create a magical experience under the stars that they'll never forget. Contact us at 866-802-8202 to order your Open Air Cinema outdoor theater system today!

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