Outdoor Theater System: Cinebox Elite 40' Outdoor Movie System

Outdoor Theater Systems Contact Open Air Cinema at 866-802-8202 to order your 40' Elite Cinebox outdoor movie system. You can also fill out our online contact form by clicking here, or you can shop directly in the OAC online store. Open Air Cinema's 40' Elite outdoor theater system is a favorite of military groups, cities and municipalities, parks and recreation departments, and non-profit organizations. The massive 40' screen can hosts thousands of guests at your next outdoor cinema event, and will galvanize your community in significant ways.В  Remember that an outdoor entertainment system isn't just for watching your favorite movies, but can be used as a giant live television during sporting events, to screen live programming from other locations over the internet or cable TV, as a backdrop for a concert or presentation, and so much more. The 40' system comes with everything you need to host your outdoor cinema event: a giant inflatable movie screen, a professional audio visual console that will allow you to hook up virtually any audio visual device, a powerful outdoor speaker system, an industrial air blower, and all the other accessories you need.В  When you purchase an Elite system from Open Air Cinema, we'll send one of our trained technicians to show you and your staff how to set up your outdoor theater so that you'll be able to produce the highest quality outdoor movie events. Make sure to order your outdoor movie system with OAC True HD for a high definition outdoor movie experience.В  You'll be amazed at the quality of your outdoor movie when you see the crystal clear image and hear the super sharp audio.В  The 40' Elite system comes with dual built in Blu-Ray players and a high definition video projector. You won't regret upgrading to OAC True HD. Contact us today at 866-802-8202 to order your outdoor cinema system today.В  We look forward to meeting you, and to designing the system that will meet your budget and needs.  

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