Outdoor Theater Date Night

The Best Date Ever, at an Outdoor Theater

Perfect Outdoor Movie System for date night
Whether you're single or in a committed relationship, the crucial nature of dates never wanes. The last thing you want is that magic to slip away, and what better way to create it than with an outing to your local outdoor theater? After all it's summer, the weather is beautiful, and there's nothing better than watching your favorite movie under the stars with your favorite people. (Sorry Florida it looks like Tropical Storm Andrea may be getting in your way this week). Maybe postpone your outdoor theater date night for a bit? However for the rest of you, make sure to get out this week to an outdoor theater event!

Unparalleled Atmosphere at an Outdoor Theater

The sense of entertainment that comes from attending an outdoor theater is unique. If you haven't had the opportunity to go to one, you might compare it to an outdoor concert or large block party. However cinema and the outdoor theater have a special captivating power that no other form of entertainment possesses. An outdoor theater has the unique ability to fully engage an audience of thousands (much more than an indoor theater), all at the same time. I'ts compelling, inspiring, and fully accessible. Attending a movie in the park event is a perfect way to spend quality time with your loved one or friends.

The Revitalization of the Outdoor Theater

For over a decade, Open Air Cinema has been at the forefront of a cultural wave directly affecting the way we are entertained. Partially we attribute this to nostalgia. Think back to the first time you went to an outdoor theater (it was probably a drive-in). We will always vividly and fondly remember those experiences. For years the popularity of the drive-in has been on the decline, but it is now reversed with the technology available with Open Air Cinema's outdoor theater systems. The exponential growth of mobile and other technologies continues to make the concept of an outdoor theater even more and more portable. And at Open Air Cinema, we are always at the forefront of utilizing these technologies so that you can have the very best experience with your outdoor entertainment. We at Open Air Cinema have been committed, and will continue to be, to the development of resources for people who are looking to setup their own outdoor theaters, but also for people who are looking to find a free outdoor movie event at a location nearby.

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