You And Your Outdoor Projector Competing With The Summer Sun - Well Planned Event

During summer time you want to do all you can to start the movie early, while also balancing the issues of ensuring the quality and visibility of your film.

Things You Can Do for Your Event With an Outdoor Projector

The most important thing you can do in this process is to have a well planned event. Period. Years of experience and some difficult lessons have taught us here at Open Air Cinema the absolute importance of a well planned event with an outdoor projector. From everything from: having the right outdoor projector, too low on the lumens and you'll never get the image you want; the right size screen, too many times we have seen events planed where the screen didn't fit the venue, if its to small for example it really sells the event short; tell your audience educate your audience about the nature of the event and effect of ambient light. These are just a few of the top concerns that we have encountered. In this post we will talk specifically on the importance of planning your event, and the critical nature that has on the outcome in using your outdoor projector.

The Well Planed Outdoor Movie Event

The intrinsic importance of a movie with an outdoor projector, at any event is that it is the hallmark piece of the gathering. The impression that the outdoor theater gives is usually the capstone to the evening. Ranging from the backyard barbecue to an international fundraising event, the multimedia shown can make the night, and we want to help you ensure that it does.

Timing With an Outdoor Projector

Timing is essential. As any of you veteran event producers know, the flow of activities, if well thought out, can make all the difference in the success of your event. Using an outdoor projector is no different. Keeping a captive audience is always the main goal. If you are hosting a movie for example and are concerned about ending early, (say for a kids friendly event) make sure you have the event planned to where the dinner and other activities run right up to when you have your movie and turn on your outdoor projector.

Sun can be setting as late as 8:30PM or 9:00PM, then as the summer progresses into August the sun will be setting nearly two hours earlier. This can also play into your long term calendar for planning your various events with that outdoor projector. After the sun sets there is also the issue of ambient light that can continue to be pervasive and can cause issues with the outdoor projector if you don't know how to work with these issues. We will detail specifics in later postings of this series, so keep your eyes open for the next few posts.

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