Outdoor Movies Screened in India, Thailand and Japan During the Spiritual Film Festival

Goa, India: Spiritual Film FestivalSpirituality is an inner divine experience. We are here to share, to help each other to grow, to expand our consciousness for a better world. The concept of the Spiritual Film Festival is to experience spiritual diversity through films screened outdoors. Founded in 2004, the outdoor film festival is growing all over the world, India, Thailand, and to Japan. We support the power of imagination to go beyond borders and limitation, to know that we are all ONE. There is no separation in truth. The mission of Spiritual Film Festival is to create the opportunity where people from different backgrounds can come together and share the spiritual diversity. We encourage Filmmakers & Artists, who have spiritual messages to express through their works. We provide a platform for those artists to exibit their works and share their vision.

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