Outdoor Movies: Marketing at The Event

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Outdoor Movies: Marketing at The Event

Outdoor movies are a great way to bring any community together, and they provide some excellent ways to reach your community. When you hold a movie in the park event with your Open Air Cinema outdoor theater system, you'll have the attention of thousands of people, and so this is a great opportunity to promote your community or mission. In this blog post, we'll go over a few ways that you can reach out to your audience while you have their attention at an outdoor movie event. Contact us today at 866-802-8202 to order your Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system, and to begin hosting your own movies in the park series. You can also fill out our online contact form by clicking here, or you can purchase any OAC product directly in our online store.

Outdoor Movies: LiveВ Announcements

Live announcements at your outdoor movies are the most direct way to reach your audience, and to spread the word about your next event, or the mission of your organization. Make sure to identify the key points you'd like to communicate to your community when they are at the event. If you have too many things to say, your announcements will simply become background noise, and you might even annoy people who have showed up to see a movie under the stars. Keep your announcements simple and to the point, and spread them out between fun activities such as a magic show or other games that will keep the attention of your crowd. Hiring a professional MC can go a long way in effectively communicating your message. A MC that knows what they are doing can do big things when it comes to audience participation, and to getting your message across, whatever it may be. If the leader of your event is boring or is not animated or exciting, you could end up turning away future attendance or you could lose the attention of your crowd. But again, with thousands of people in attendance, live announcements are an effective and direct way to communicate information about future events, to solicit donations to your cause, or to galvanize support for an important initiative.

Outdoor Movies: On Screen Ads

Your inflatable outdoor movies screen is a giant billboard that can communicate anything you want at your event. Your screen provides some precious advertising real-estate, as you have the attention of thousands of community members. You can sell this advertising space as a way to generate revenue for your community, or as a thank you for sponsorships. This can be in the form of short video advertisements, like the ones that you see when you go to your local movie theater before the show. Encourage your advertisers to keep their messages short an to the point, as you don't want to overwhelm your audience with ads. At the same time, advertising from local businesses or organizations will be relevant to your audience members, so they should respond well to messages from such organizations.

Outdoor Movies: Physical Flyers

Don't forget to hand out physical flyers at your outdoor movies event. Printing off thousands of flyers can get expensive, so try to find a local printing company that will sponsor the event through in-kind printing. Studies have shown that a physical reminder is an important way to solidify an idea in someone's mind. Hire a graphic designer to design your flyer, as this is a special opportunity that you can't get wrong. Effectively communicating the information you want to get across will pay off in the long run. While your audience is watching the outdoor movie, place your flyers under the wiper blades of their cars. This way you'll guarantee they'll see the message you'd like to get across. There are many ways to communicate the message you want to get across at your next outdoor movies event, but following the above advice will get you well on your way to being successful and effective with advertising to your audience. Contact us today at 866-802-8202 to order your Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system so you can begin your own outdoor movies events soon!

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