Outdoor Movies in Haiti: September 16, 2011

Outdoor Movies Haiti This is Drew.В  He's been in Port-au-Prince Haiti since April of this year directing Open Air Cinema's outdoor movie screenings throughout the country. Last March Open Air Cinema was invited by FilmAid International to produce screenings of the Haitian Presidential debates in advance of the national elections that were held that month. Open Air's President Stuart Farmer, along with Drew and a team of local Haitians produced 12 outdoor movie screenings in 10 days in various neighborhoods around Port-au-Prince. The outdoor cinema screenings were a huge success, with thousands of Haitians getting access to the information they needed in order to make an informed decision about who to vote for. Open Air Cinema's outdoor movie system equipment did the job well, and worked great even in the sometimes harsh conditions of Haiti. Outdoor Movies Haiti After the screenings in March, Stuart decided to leave three Cinebox 20' outdoor movie systems in Port-au-Prince, and to use them to start a network of free outdoor cinema screenings throughout the country, and even in the Dominican Republic. The move proved fruitful, as Haiti is a country that is without cinema.В  Even before the earthquake that devastated the country in early 2010, there were no operating movie theaters in all of Haiti.В  Open Air Cinema's rugged outdoor movie equipment has proven itself as we've screened dozens of outdoor movies throughout the Haitian capital and around the country. We're going to keep a regular journal of our activities here on the blog, so look forward to upcoming information and images as we operate on the ground here in Port-au-Prince. Open Air Cinema is operating in Haiti because we believe in the power of cinema to change lives and transform communities. As the nation of Haiti continues to struggle to rebuild and rise above the devastation of the 2010 earthquake, we desire to provide entertainment and hope to communities who are in need of a simple laugh or a moment to forget their daily struggles. If you'd like to support our project in Haiti, you can donate to our efforts by contacting us at 866-802-8202.В  Also, feel free to contact us via our online contact form if you're interested in hearing more about the project.

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