Outdoor Movies in Haiti: October 2, 2011

Outdoor Movies Haiti

Outdoor Movies in Haiti: October 2, 2011

Outdoor Movies in Haiti are going well, as Open Air Cinema continues it's efforts to bring cinema to a place with no movie theaters. This weekend, we branched out our efforts and expanded to the city of Saint Marc, just north of Port-au-Prince. В Contact us today at 866-802-8202 to find out more about our efforts in Haiti, and to place your order for your Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system. This week, we expanded Open Air Cinema's outdoor movies Haiti program to the city of Saint Marc which lies just north of Port-au-Prince. The beautiful coastal town is frequented by Haitians as a place to relax and get away. В It's an obvious location for relaxation and enjoyment, as it's wide streets (and relatively cleaner), sandy beaches, are a refreshing retreat from the capital city of Port-au-Prince. We took some photographs at our inaugural event, which was a huge success. Hundreds were in attendance, and we expect that outdoor movies in Saint Marc will only improve as more citizens hear about cinema on the big screen. Here are some images from the event. There's nothing more beautiful or exciting, than an outdoor movie screening. Outdoor Movies Outdoor Movies Outdoor Movies Outdoor Movies Contact us today by calling 866-802-8202 to hear about our initiatives in Haiti, and to find out what an Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system can do for you and your community. В We look forward to hearing from you.

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