Outdoor Movies for a Family Reunion

Outdoor movies for a family reunion Family reunions are a great way to reconnect with distant and out-of-town relatives for an afternoon or even a weekend of fun. With extended time like this it can be a challenge how to entertain everyone from toddlers to the grant-grandparents and all those in-between.В  Popular ideas include games, potluck meals from family recipes and showing family slideshows and movies. В  Consider showing your homemade slideshow and family movies in the backyard or deck on an Open Air Cinema's outdoor moviesВ Screen hooked up to the Cinebox Pro Systems. В  With 16' x 9' options you can easily accommodate up to 250 family members.  

Making a family slideshow at home

Creating your slideshow on a Macintosh or PC is easy with the standard programs such as Apple iPhoto and Windows Movie Maker.В  Gather and digitally scan your desired images of graduations, weddings and baby firsts then use the drag-and-drop or select feature to arrange them in the order you choose.В  You can also include a background song to go along with it and different color backgrounds and borders from stock photography. В  As a parting gift make CD copies of your outdoor movie slideshow to share.В  Not only is this a nice take away for the group, it also acts as a backup archive of your valuable family photos in case anything happens to the originals.  

Movie Fun

Continue the entertainment by screening kid-friendly outdoor movies that the adults will like as well such as the Harry Potter trilogy.В  The series can entertain the youngest members for hours while the adults catch up.В  В  Then in the evenings choose movies for the teens and adults and have a fun theme drink to go along with them such as screening The Great Gatsby with a Gin Fizz.В  Replace the gin with ginger ale for the teens.  

Outdoor Movie Setup

Setting up your Open Air Cinema's outdoor movies screen is easy with its inflatable frame and 60 second air blower. This screen to be projected onto can be setup in minutes, if you have your own equipment. Or if you would like an all-in-one system consider the Cinebox Pro which comes with an audiovisual console and speaker system, just insert your media via laptop or hard drive and you are ready to go.

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