Outdoor Movies: A Case for Cinema Under the Stars

outdoor movies

Outdoor Movies: A Case for Cinema Under the Stars

Outdoor movies are a very popular way to entertain, uplift and inspire communities. Why exactly is that? Specifically, why would community leaders choose to invest in an Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system over another initiative when looking to bring together and build their community? In this blog post, we'll look at several reasons why outdoor theaters can become powerful tools that drive the growth, mission, and collective desires of large groups of people. Contact Open Air Cinema to order your outdoor theater system today by calling us at 866-802-8202, by filling out our online contact form, or if you'd prefer to purchase your system online, you can do so in the OAC online store.

Outdoor Movies are in the Open Air

There is something about outdoor movies that is magical and inspiring. When you arrive at an outdoor movie event with your family on a cool summer evening at your community park, you see old friends and neighbors, and make new friends. There is something different about sitting on a blanket with your family and watching an outdoor movie in the fresh evening air on a giant inflatable movie screen. The feeling in the air is electric because the bright high definition screen and powerful audio really do bring the magic of the big screen into the outdoors. Do you remember going to drive in theaters with family, or on a date? For some reason, there is something more communal, more relaxed about cinema under the stars. Open Air Cinema's outdoor movie systems are the contemporary drive in cinema, but have the portability and possibility of being set up in virtually any location. Whether as a movie in the park event, as a poolside or dive-in cinema party, a drive in movie, or a backyard theater, an OAC outdoor movie system can go wherever you want it to. The possibilities are endless. Outdoor Movies are in the open air, and this is a big reason why they have the power to bring communities together in significant ways.

An Outdoor Movie System is for More Than Just Outdoor Movies

Outdoor movies are the most popular application of an Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system, but they aren't just for watching movies under the stars. This is probably the biggest reason why an Open Air Cinema system has the power to bring communities and families together beyond anything else. An OAC outdoor movie system is a tool to deliver powerful content, a forum for gathering and sharing ideas, and a distributor of inspiration. A Cinebox system can be the link that brings your community together in almost every situation. Whether acting as the system for your outdoor film series, a backdrop for your next concert, as a PA system and live-screening tool at your next community gathering, or as a sound system at your community dance party or live-gaming tournament, an Open Air Cinema outdoor entertainment system provides a turnkey solution to your public gathering needs. The portability and versatility of use make it superior above a permanent or fixed solution, meaning that you can bring your community together in many different ways and in many different situations. Contact us today at 866-802-8202 to order your Open Air Cinema outdoor Movie System today, and to begin screening outdoor movies under the stars with your community or family.

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