Outdoor Movies Will Boost the Morale of the Troops

outdoor movies

Outdoor Movies Will Boost the Morale of the Troops

Outdoor movies are a great way to boost the morale of the troops at your military base. An Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system is the perfect tool to bring your troops together, as it's endless possibilites provide many ways to entertain, inspire, and gather. Contact Open Air Cinema today at 866-802-8202 to place your order for your outdoor theater, and we'll find the outdoor movie system that is right for your budget and needs. You can also contact us by filling out our online contact form, and you can purchase and browse all of our products directly in the OAC online store by clicking here. Have you heard about outdoor movies, but are wondering what an inflatable movie screen system can do for your military community? Open Air Cinema's broad lineup of inflatable movie screen systems range from 9 to 40 feet in width, so no matter the size of your community, we have an outdoor theater for you. Of course, an outdoor movie system can be used to screen movies, and this is it's most popular use. However, there are a handful of ways to utilize your Open Air Cinema system to entertain and bring together your troops.

Not Just for Outdoor Movies

Besides being used to screen outdoor movies, an Open Air Cinema system can be utilized to screen live events, for video gaming (think massive video game tournaments!), for safety and training meetings, as a backdrop for concerts, and much much more. The possibilites are virtually endless when it comes to uses for your outdoor cinema system, because it can be used to facilitate all your audio visual needs, whatever they may be. It is this reason why an outdoor movie system can become the center of community life. Whenever you gather a large portion of your community together, you'll need to communicate to them, and this requires a sound system and often times a video projector.

Making Outdoor Movies Portable

An outdoor movie system from Open Air Cinema makes outdoor movies portable and easy to setup in virtually any location. В All you need for your outdoor theater is enough room for your inflatable movie screen to be setup and for your audience to enjoy themselves, as well as power for your electronic components. Your power can be supplied by a generator, making your outdoor movie system highly portable and non-permanent. This is attractive to many military communities that wish to have a way to communicate to the troops in a variety of settings. For one occasion you may want to setup your screen in your stadium orВ amphitheater that is already built, whereas on another occasion you'll want to set up your outdoor theater in your local park for a movie in the park event. We've seen our inflatable movie screen systems set up in many locations - from the beach to the park to indoor facilites. Contact us today at 866-802-8202 to order your Open Air Cinema system, and to begin screening outdoor movies and more to the troops at your military base or community.  

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