Outdoor movies at Bridal Veil Falls

The night began in a flurry as tents, lanterns, chairs, and a gigantic inflatable movie screen sprang up at the base of Bridal Veil Falls in the heart of Provo Canyon. As I rushed to set up ticket booths and concessions stands, I barely noticed as a stream of eager movie-goers gathered along the roadside. Various people ranging from college students to senior citizens trickled- then poured- into the venue, armed with blankets and hot cocoa. Time flew by and my own shivering alerted me to the setting sun and cooling air. Moments later the film began- Life is Beautiful , one of my favorites- and I finally sat to rest. It was only then that I paused to survey the scene laid before me. A sea of neighbors and friends, closely knit to keep warm in the cool, almost-autumn air, sat transfixed before the screen. The cascading waterfall was still visible in the last rays of sunset, just meters away from our little make-shift theater. The canyon walls rose like skyscrapers around us, crowned with an indigo sky, the first sparking stars peeking through. And in the middle of it all came the melodic strains of Italian dialogue: Buon giorno, Principessa!

The first weekend of the Bridal Veil Film Festival has passed with astounding success. With over 150 attendees the first night alone, the festival is sure to grow throughout the next two weeks as it gains more notoriety. Saturday's film, Amelie , was followed by an 80's dance and was especially popular with the college crowd. This weekend's shows will include Children of Heaven on Thursday, Cinema Paradiso on Friday, the old favorite Chariots of Fire on Saturday, and Grizzly Man on Sunday. Each day the movie will begin at the usual time of 8:00pm. A dance will again be held after Chariots on Saturday, this time with a Jock Rock theme.

Festival Schedule

Starting at 8pm every night:

Sept 12- Life is Beautiful (Italy)

Sept 12- Amelie (France)

Sept 14- Dreams (Japan)

Sept 18- Children of Heaven (Iran)

Sept 19- Cinema Paradiso (Italy)

Sept 20- Chariots of Fire (England) *Jock Rock dance following film*

Sept 21- Grizzly Man (USA)

Sept 25- Wings of Desire (Germany)

Sept 26- Wardance (Uganda)

Sept 27- 2001: A Space Odyssey (Space) *Space dance following film*

Sept 28- City of God (Brazil)

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