Outdoor Movie Wishlist: Nanny Mcphee Returns

Nanny Mcphee Returns (Nanny Mcphee and the Big Bang in England) is now in theaters everywhere, and is the sequel to the 2005 Nanny Mcphee. The film is directed by Susan White, and was adapted by Emma Thompson (the actress who plays Nanny Mcphee herself) from Christina Brand's Nurse Matilda books. In addition to Emma Thompson, the film stars Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ralph Fiennes, Rhys Ifans, Maggie Smith, Asa Butterfield, Bill Bailey and Katy Brand. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3UyikYKLjQ Nanny Mcphee returns is set in 20th Century Britain during a war, and follows Isabel Green's (Maggie Gyllenhaal) hectic life. Because her husband is off at war, she is left to take care of her three children, Norman (Asa Butterfield), Megsie (Lil Woods) and Vincent (Oscar Steer), in addition to the family farm and her shop in town. Overwhelmed and exhausted, she hears a voice that tells her she needs Nanny Mcphee, and out of nowhere, Nanny Mcphee appears to her rescue. Nanny Mcphee kicks the boisterous children in to gear, and they quickly realize they cannot fight amongst themselves when they hear the loud clap of Nanny Mcphee's stick! They also learn to share after she forces the older boys to share their bed with a goat, the girls with the family cow, and vincent with a baby elephant! The film continues with Nanny Mcphee teaching the children a host of lessons, subsequently bringing order and respect to Isabel Green's household. The Nanny Mcphee series is a perfect set of films to show your entire community on a 40' Open Air Cinema Elite Screen. The films are perfect for the whole family, and teach children values that are worth learning. There are some pretty great things you could do to engage your community in a meaningful way with these films. Why not have your MC dress up as Nanny Mcphee herself? Imagine how many children would be thrilled at the sight of Nanny Mcphee leading the event, and directing games and activities where community members would win prizes from local businesses! If you chose to screen the Nanny Mcphee film series to your community, you'd no doubt have a huge turnout. In short, it would be a big bang!

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