Outdoor Movie System and the XBOX ONE

Outdoor Movie System As the new generation of video game consoles takes off, the new XBOX ONE has been an instant first choice of gamers and all-around entertainment enthusiasts alike. With cutting edge graphics and processing power, the Xbox ONE has separated itself from other next-gen consoles by becoming and all-in-one entertainment power house that connects gaming, movies and TV, online access, and sophisticated voice and motion controls in a way never before possible. Now you can unleash your Xbox One's incredible potential onto the big screen with an outdoor movie system from Open Air Cinema. Whether you're planning an gamer's night like no other, or you're looking to take advantage of your Xbox One's abilities to stream content through apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime, and outdoor movie system from Open Air Cinema will take your experience off of the small screen and bring it to the largest possible scale that you can imagine. If you're looking to connect your Xbox One to your outdoor movie system from Open Air Cinema, we've come up with a few steps and tips to help you get set up so that you'll be able to dive into the ultimate gaming experience in just a few easy steps!

Connecting the XBOX ONE to yourВ Outdoor Movie System

Connecting your Xbox One's main console to your outdoor movie system is very simple, you'll be good to go with just one HDMI cord from your Xbox One to your projector. From there you may need a second HDMI cord or another audio-out connection to run from your projector to your sound system, but as soon as that's set you'll be all set. If you're planning to use your Xbox One Kinect, find a space for it away fromВ  the outdoor movie screen and closer to where you'll be playing, making sure that all players in in the Kinect's line of view. If you're planning on multiplayer gaming online, or streaming video with one of the various video apps you'll find on your Xbox, make sure that you have a sufficient wireless internet connection available. For example, if you're in your backyard and your wireless router is in your home, your Xbox One might not be able to pick-up the signal. To make sure that you have everything that you need to the perfect night with your outdoor movie system, test out your wireless signal's range and if needed purchase a WiFi repeater box. A Wifi repeater box will amplify your wireless internet signal and is fairly inexpensive, you should easily be able to find one to purchase either online or at your local electronics retailer. Once the audio and video signals are connected via HDMI and your Xbox One has a sufficient internet connection you'll be all set for the gaming experience of a lifetime.

Outdoor Movie System Takes yourВ XBOX ONE to a Whole New Level

You'll take your Xbox One to unbelievable new levels of excitement with an outdoor movie system from Open Air Cinema. Even better, with your outdoor movie system you'll be able to provide an entertainment experience that can't be replicated. If you're serious about gaming in a big way, try it on s movie theater scale sized screen from Open Air Cinema, you won't be disappointed. Please feel free to contact us if there's any additional questions that you have setting up your outdoor movie system with your Xbox One, or if there's anything else that we can do for you, we're happy to help.

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