An Outdoor Movie Series is a Perfect Addition to a Residential Community

outdoor movie In today's busy world, it can be hard to make time to get to know your neighbors and strengthen your community bond. A great way to create a fun and friendly atmosphere in a residential community can be through an outdoor movie series. It is the perfect opportunity to get people of all ages interested in a public activity and connect with their neighbors. At Open Air Cinema, we have two lines of outdoor movie systems, our Pro and Elite series, that are designed for large screenings. Our professional inflatable movie screens and audiovisual equipment are top quality, durable, and dependable, and would be a valuable investment for a residential area.

An Outdoor Movie for Everyone

As a civic leader, it can be challenging to spark interest across a wide demographic. With an outdoor movie series, you can schedule a variety of films that will appeal to families with young children, teenagers, adults, seniors, and everyone in between. Take the opportunity to ask other people in your area what they would like to see the on the big screen and in which local venues. You can partner with a park, public beach, or perhaps an unused parking lot. Best of all, with Open Air Cinema's outdoor movie systems, you do not have to choose one spot. Our equipment is easy and quick to install, and it is designed with portability in mind so that you can setup promptly and in a number of outdoor locations. Allowing you the flexibility to change locations will help attract more people to the screenings and reach a bigger audience.

The Magic of an Outdoor Movie

Not only will an outdoor movie series add value to the lives of your community's current residents, but it will also attract new people who want to rent or buy a home in the area. It is a unique aspect that will interest individuals who are looking for entertaining events right in their own neighborhood. Whether you plan to host an outdoor movie series in the spring and summer, or live in a climate with year-round warm weather, it is sure to be an event that everyone looks forward to. You can count on Open Air Cinema to help reach your goals and create a great series of screenings for all your community to enjoy.

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