Outdoor Movie Screens For a Night At The Movies

Enjoy a Movie Night Outdoors with Open Air Cinema

Finding the right attraction for fund-raisers can be a difficult task. Live entertainment requires lots of time and technicians to set up and maintain equipment, but what if an option existed that could attract a large audience, be easy to set up, and be operated by anyone? One already does! The outdoor movie screen is an entertainment choice that is ready to go in as little as 20 minutes. With an all-in-one setup, the outdoor movie screen and other available accessories can make any event memorable. The outdoor movie screen is portable and comes in different size options, varying in accordance to the size of an audience. The outdoor movie screen has a stable structure that is able to withstand wind speeds of up to 25 mph, utilizing a blower to keep the screen stable by maintaining a constant, internal pressure. The easy to use outdoor movie screen is inflatable in minutes, and attaches to the ground with pre-measured ropes. All combine to make inflation simple and safe. When combined in a total package, the outdoor movie screen can make any event seem like a night at the movies. Events that can benefit from the use of a high quality outdoor movie screen include fund-raisers, pool parties, small and large-venue movie nights, and more intimate events like family gatherings. With the ability to use any projection technology, the outdoor movie screen's outdoor projector is a great option for showing movies, slide presentations, or any multimedia presentation that works well on a large format screen. If a purchase of an outdoor movie screen is not an option, rental screens are available all over the United States. Open Air Cinema offers the rentable outdoor movie screen, along with other products for rent or purchase that are great for any venue. To find out more, browse through their site now or call them directly at 1-866-802-8202.

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