Outdoor Movie Screen Used For Live Event In Utah

outdoor movies Earlier this week, Open Air Entertainment, OAC's sister production company, hosted a live outdoor movie screening of the final movement of a large bridge along I-15 in Utah. The section of I-15 where the bridge was installed has been undergoing major construction over the past year, and one of the main parts of the construction is the installation of new bridge overpasses along the highway.В  These bridges have been constructed almost entirely along the side of the highway, and then have been moved and set into place in a matter of hours. Several bridges have been moved already in the past year, and the final day of installations have been met with thousands of local citizens who have come out to get a glance at the incredible final stage. As the bridges are moved, they are hoisted on massive tractor like structures, that slowly set and lock the bridge in place. The whole process is quite a sight. In order to accommodate the large crowds of eager spectators, Open Air Entertainment was hired to set up a giant inflatable movie screen. Contact Open Air Entertainment today to set up your next outdoor movie event.В  Open Air Entertainment has produced events around the United States, and offers competitive pricing for outdoor entertainment event packages - from backyard birthday parties, to community film festivals with thousands in attendance. Open Air Cinema's inflatable movie screens can be used for a variety of purposes: screening your favorite films, live streaming the big game right in your own backyard, playing the latest video games, presenting your business plan, and many other applications.В  We produce the finest outdoor entertainment equipment for use by military, municipal and parks and recreation groups, as well as by businesses, families and communities.В  Our portable movie screens range from 9 to 40 feet in size, and are designed to last years of heavy use in even the harshest of conditions.В  Contact us today by calling 866-802-8202 to speak to a friendly Open Air Cinema representative about the many benefits of owning an outdoor movie system.В  We look forward to talking with you today!

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