Outdoor Movie and Pool Party Ideas

Outdoor Movie Take advantage of the Dive In craze and throw a poolside movie party. With the warmer weather, a pool party combined with an outdoor movie is a fun and thrifty way to celebrate a birthday or just plan a fun afternoon. Open Air Cinema's outdoorВ  movie systems can be setup safely outside near the action with its inflatable easy-to-move projection screen. Its rear projection capabilities will keep your equipment a safe distance away from stray splashing as well. An outdoor movie and pool party for the little ones.. The Little Mermaid is the iconic under the sea movie, an animated musical adventure about a young prince and princess. If the first The Little Mermaid has been seen oneВ  to many times there are two sequels that are less known. Another hit for kids is Finding Nemo, about a young clown fish that gets separated from his father to end up in a fish tank in Sydney Australia. It is an adventure with a happy ending that introduces kids to all sorts of sea creatures such as sharks, turtles and jellyfish. Add to the fun by creating a treasure chest for the kids to enjoy with starfish jewelry and fake gold coins from a party store. While they watch their outdoor movie, give them something to munch on such as goldfish crackers with cheese and homemade sugar cookies shaped like fish. An outdoor movie and pool party for the pre-teens, and maybe the adults For the pre-teens, throw a Pirates of the Caribbean themed party. Watch one or more from the exciting swashbuckling series in which Johnny Deep's Jack Sparrow is as entertaining for the adults as he is for kids. Step up the party decor with hand drawn skull and cross bones flags, gold coins and eye patches for people to take home. Create a simple meal that can be eaten on the edge of the pool while you watch your outdoor movie. Fish sticks with a salad followed by deserted island decorated cupcakes do the trick. Rum cocktails are also a nice touch for the adults in attendance. Enjoy your Dive In!

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