Outdoor Movie Idea: Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are was one of the biggest movie hits of 2009, and is available for film licensing for 2010 through Swank Motion Pictures Inc. If you are looking for a film that is entertaining to both adults and children, this is a great movie to consider for your next outdoor movie event.

The film is based off one of the most successful children's books of all time (authored by Maurice Sendak), and was directed by Spike Jonze, the famous music video, television, and film director who also brought us Being John Malkovich. The story follows a young boy named Max, who is disobedient to his mother, and decides to run away to discover a world where he is the king of a group of monsters (some more scary than others, but all personable in their own way). Through his travels he experiences joy, sadness, jealously, and friendship while directing his monster friends to build a vast fortress, among other things. Ultimately, Max finds his true self, and matures through a poignant journey of discovery - all brilliantly depicted under Jonze's direction.

We've seen some really great outdoor movie events where audience members are asked to dress up as characters from the feature film, and Where the Wild Things Are would provide a really great theme for such an event! Imagine the creative monster or max costumes your community members would come up with! Events we've attended where audience members are dressed up are definitely fun and exciting. Really, many of us want to dress up year round (not just on Halloween), and outdoor movie events are the perfect occasion.

Has your community had a thematic screening where you've had audience members dress up to match the feature film? Maybe you've been even more creative with integrating the theme of the movie into your outdoor movie event? We'd love to post your images and stories on this blog, so please send us any theme-based event images to community@openaircinema.us, while making sure to tell us your story and how your event was a success!

It should be noted that some parents thought the film was too scary for some small children, so keep your audience in mind as you consider this movie for your outdoor movie event.

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