Outdoor Movie Idea: How to Train Your Dragon

The DreamWorks Animation film How to Train Your Dragon would make a great selection for your next outdoor movie screening! Outside of the Shrek series, the film is DreamWork's most successful animation to date. It has already become a favorite of children everywhere, and so screening it under the stars with your Open Air Cinema Elite System would guarantee a large turnout - and would tell your community that you are up on what's cool. Alternatively, How to Train Your Dragon is a perfect choice for a backyard cinema screening on your OAC Home System with your family, as it is a movie the entire family will enjoy. And if you have the resources, why not screen the animation in 3D as an outdoor movie, as was done in New York earlier this year with Monsters vs. Aliens! Here is the theatrical release trailer for the film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHUhygdAZIw How to Train Your Dragon is set in a mythical Viking world where the young teenager named Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III (Jay Baruchel) is on a quest to achieve acceptance as a Viking warrior. Hiccup's tribe finds value in strong dragon slayers, and so the young viking sets out to capture his own dragon in order to impress his tribe (and a young viking girl). Hiccup captures a dragon, but is uneasy about killing it, and so decides instead to befriend it and let it live. Outdoor MoviesThrough his new friendship, Hiccup realizes that his people's perspective and relationship to the dragons may be entirely wrong - that they may be able to understand the dragons in a different way. But his forward-thinking views aren't shared by the members of his tribe, and so Hiccup finds himself caught between the traditions of his people, and a group of dragons that he has grown to love an appreciate. outdoor moviesThe film is fun and endearing, and promotes values of appreciation and equality that are powerful messages for your community. How to Train Your Dragon is a great pick for a Halloween movie for the month of October, and would provide some great opportunities for costume contests, concessions, and other activities that would further solidify the theme of the event, and would galvanize your community in significant ways. Overall, we give How to Train your Dragon a Five-Star rating as potential as an Outdoor Movie - this movie would really rock under the stars!

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