Outdoor Movie Idea: Movies in the Park

Outdoor Movies in the Park Open Air Cinema's inflatable movie screen equipment is highly portable and easy to setup in virtually any location! One particular application that we've seen many customers use is a "Movies in the Park" series.В  Many communities have local parks with green lawns and ample room for thousands ofВ  your community members.В  There is often lots of parking space, public restrooms, and facilities for concessions.В  These features make for a great outdoor movie facility, and many communities, municipalities, military groups, resorts, and other businesses choose to do a Movies in the Park series.В  A Movies in the Park series is a way to entertain your community all summer, and in some cases (such as in locations closer to the equator) all year long.В  Although things are chilly in the Northern hemisphere this time of year, it is nice and warm in Australia, Africa, Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, and a Movies in the Park series is a perfect way to bring together your community. Utilizing your portable movie screen for an Outdoor Movies in the Park series takes some special planning, but if you consider these few things, you'll be well on your way to producing an outdoor movie event that everyone will enjoy! 1. Choose a movie.В  Make sure to get licensing for the film if your event is open to the public. Select a film that is appropriate to your audience. 2. Select your venue.В  As we've noted above, public parks are a great place to host outdoor movie events.В  Make sure you have adequate power for your outdoor projector, outdoor speakers, and inflatable movie screen fan.В  Check that there is enough room for your outdoor projector so that you can fill your projection surface. Make sure the sprinklers and field lights are turned off for the evening of your event.В  You don't want your audience to get wet, or for your image to be drowned by peripheral light.В  Taking the time to carefully plan your venue will guarantee that you'll have a successful evening that everyone will enjoy. 3. Organize Concessions.В  What type of concessions will you have? Theming your concessions around a particular movie makes the evening exciting and memorable for everyone. You can even use concessions as a way to fund raise for the event, or for your local community or group.В  People will definitely want something to much on, so providing concessions will help the entire evening be a success. There are a few other things to consider when planning your outdoor movie event, depending on where you are located and how many people will be in attendance.В  But following the steps above will get you well on your way to having an Outdoor Movies in the Park series that will put your community or group on the map! Contact us today to speak to a friendly Open Air Cinema representative about what outdoor movie system will meet your budget and needs.В  We look forward to hearing from you!

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