Outdoor Movie Idea: The Jungle Book

A great selection for your next Outdoor Movie screening would be The Jungle Book, the 1967 animation by Disney. Since its release, the film has inspired millions of children worldwide, with its classic Disney musical narrative featuring classics such as "The Bare Necessities" and "I Wan'na Be Like You". The Jungle Book was the 19th animation from Disney Animation Studios, and shows a craft in animation that is no longer had by contemporary animation such as Monsters Inc. or Toy Story. The film was the last to be produced by Walt Disney himself, who died during production of it. Before we go on any further, here is a clip from the film featuring the well-loved song "Bare Necessities", where Mowgli is taught to be a little more laid back by his good friend Baloo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QKUDa881zI The narrative begins as Mowgli (Bruce Reitherman) as a baby, is found in a basket in a river near Madhya Pradesh, India. A black panther named Bagheera (Sebastian Cabot) takes the young baby to an Indian Wolf who has just had cubs. She raises Mowgli among her own, and he learns the ways of jungle life as he lives among the animals. But rumor has it that Shere Khan (George Sanders), a man-eating bengal tiger has returned to the jungle, and so Mowgli's caretakers realize that for him to be safe, they must get him back to the "man village". Outdoor MoviesEven though his animal friends have fear for his life, Mowgli refuses to leave his home where he has grown up. The movie continues with song after song, as Mowgli confronts a number of animals from the Jungle, making friends all along: King Louie (Louis Prima) the orangutan, the Indian elephant Hathi (J. Pat O'Malley), Kaa (Sterling Holloway) a hungry Indian Python, and of course the fun-loving bear Baloo (Phil Harris). outdoor moviesNo matter where you live, The Jungle Book would be a guaranteed hit, as it is a classic loved by many generations! Parents and their children would love this film on the big screen (most have probably never seen it on such a large scale), and there are some great things you could do to enhance their experience of the film. You could have fresh fruit from the jungle as concessions, with healthy pineapple and bananas, as well as inviting a local BBQ company to set up a booth. Your community would never forget the tasty treats they had while watching The Jungle Book under the stars! You could also have the MC dress up as one of the characters from the show, and stay up near the front of the inflatable screen, encouraging your audience to sing-along while Baloo and Mowgli find adventure in the jungle! If anyone has screened The Jungle Book as an outdoor movie (even if in your own backyard), please share your story with the rest of the Open Air Community by posting your comments below!

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