Outdoor Movie How-to: Poolside / Dive-in Cinema

Open Air Cinema Screen beside a pool

Yesterday we discussed the ins and outs of beachside cinema - today we wanted to share another exciting way to enjoy our outdoor cinema system from Open Air Cinema - the dive-in movie theater!

Pool parties can really be a riot, but imagine watching your favorite family film while you and your family swim or lay by the pool. Truly, outdoor cinema has never been such a splash!

We've had many customers utilize their Open Air Cinema outdoor screen and outdoor projector to create a dive-in movie experience that is truly unforgettable for their guests. Earlier this year, we posted about Resource Residential, a Philadelphia based property management company that has given the gift of outdoor cinema to their 52 properties. They've branded their initiative as "dive-in movies", as they setup their Open Air Cinema Home systems right next to the community pools, providing an entertaining experience that allows their community members to enjoy time with one another. You can read more about their story here. There are a few things to remember or consider when planning your first dive-in movie event.
  • Choose a film that is appropriate for your audience, but also takes full advantage of the environment: Water World, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jaws, are all great picks!
  • You'll need enough distance between your projector and your screen, so if you have an Open Air Cinema home system (which allows front projection only), you'll need to create a bit of extra room for the projector. If however, you have a pro or elite system, you'll be able to rear-project your movie, thus placing the screen right near the pool edge. (We've even seen our customers float their portable movie screen in the water, but before you attempt this, make sure to give our friendly technicians a call for some special instructions!)
  • Keep your electrical equipment away from water (your fan, projector, and speakers could be seriously damaged if they get too wet). With that being said, we've seen many successful poolside cinema events, so a few precautions and a little planning will keep your outdoor projector, outdoor speakers, and inflatable movie screen fan, as well as your guests safe and sound.
  • Provide refreshments that are thematically consistent with your party and movie. For the Pirates of the Caribbean, an island style barbecue would really make the evening special! Popsicles and ice cream are always great during the summer months, but when producing a film near your heated pool in the winter, you'll want to provide hot chocolate, and other warm treats.
  • Citronella candles are always a good idea if you've got bugs outside, and tiki-torches could really add a nice touch to your amazing setup.
If you are interested in investing in an outdoor movie system for a poolside cinema event (or for any application!), contact us today, and we'll help you find an outdoor screen system that will meet your budget and needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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