Outdoor Movie How-to: Cul-de-sac Cinema

Cul de sac cinema Lately we've discussed one of the great benefits of owning a portable movie screen from Open Air Cinema - you can set it up just about anywhere: the beach (beachside cinema), while camping (campside cinema), or right next to your swimming pool (poolside, or dive-in cinema). Today we thought we'd discuss another innovative way to use your outdoor inflatable screen: Cul-de-sac Cinema! We know many of you have used your outdoor screens as backyard cinema, but have you considered the benefits of Cul-de-sac cinema? Inflating your airscreen in your backyard can be great, as it is a nice private space where you can enjoy cinema under the stars with those who are closest to you. Yet sometimes you might want to include your neighbors and friends, and if you live on a quiet street or cul-de-sac, you have the perfect place to setup your outdoor movie system! Home 9 Screen from Open Air Cinema. There are a few things to consider when setting up a cul-de-sac cinema party.В  Here are some pointers that will set you in the right direction, and will have you well on your way to a successful event!
  • Your projector and inflatable screen fan are the heart and lungs of your operation, and one of the first things to consider is how to power these devides (along with your speaker system).В  Luckily, in a cul-de-sac or quiet neighborhood street, you have plenty of homes nearby with adequate sources of power.В  Make sure however, that you have long enough extension cords to run from your house into the street.В  Sometimes homes have outdoor outlets on the front of the house or in the garden beds.В  If you don't have these at your home, check with your neighbors.В  You might just save yourself an extra 50 feet of cable! The beauty of investing in lengthier cables is that you can use them in a variety of applications for your outdoor cinema system (beach cinema, camping cinema, etc)
  • Open Air Cinema screens are built to last through years of heavy use.В  However, you want to always do what you can to take extra care of your screen and keep it in tip-top shape.В  Setting down a tarp on the asphalt or cement will keep the abrasive surface from scratching your screen (your screen will not tear or be ruined by cement, but for extra protection, it's a good idea to be careful).
  • Provide enough chairs for everyone in attendance, or request that your guests bring their own.В  Asphalt is a bit harder than grass, and chairs will provide the most comfortable viewing arrangement for your guests.
  • Fire up the barbecue and serve hamburgers and hot-dogs for your guests! Combining your block party with outdoor cinema will make your neighborhood the envy of your town.В  You'll certainly have the coolest neighborhood event around.В  Ask around to see if one of your guests has a popcorn machine.В  If you provide this tasty cinema treat for your guests, they'll feel right at home as they watch their favorite flick under the stars.
  • Choose a movie that is appropriate to your setting and time of year.В  Doing so will help create an extra special evening, that will be memorable for years to come.В  If you haven't yet decided what to screen, consult our Top 25 Outdoor Movies list, or Top 25 Halloween Outdoor Movies list.
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