Outdoor Movie How-to: Camping Cinema

Camping Cinema Outdoor Movies Last week we posted about how to create Poolside (or Dive-in) Outdoor Cinema and Beachside Outdoor Cinema. Today we're going to discuss another way to create a fantastic outdoor movie experience for you and your guests: camping cinema! Camping has never been this fun! With your portable movie screen, you'll be able to bring the magic of the movies into your favorite camping spot - a perfect place to enjoy your favorite outdoor movie under the stars with those whom you love most. There are a couple extra things to consider with campside cinmea, but following these few simple steps, you'll be set up in no time:
  1. Identify your power source.В  You'll need to provide adequate power to your outdoor projector and inflatable screen fan.В  For most systems, a standard power outlet will do the trick, but for Open Air Cinema's larger Elite systems, contact our technical support team for more specific information.В  Many state parks will actually have power if you are in a designated camping location.В  If you will not be in an actual campground, you'll need to provide your own power, in the form of generators.В  Generators are an often-used source of power in the outdoor movie events industry, and so with the right gear, you'll be good to go.
  2. Camping Cinema outdoor movies
  3. Will there be other campers nearby? The beauty of camping in the great outdoors is that most of the time there isn't anyone nearby.В  If this is the case, you're good to go, and the sound from your favorite outdoor movie won't keep anyone up, or disturb their notions of solitude.В  But if you're in a designated camping spot, or you know there will be others nearby, invite them to join in your event! Almost everyone will love the opportunity to watch a big-screen film under the stars in the great outdoors.В  Alternatively, you could organize an outdoor movie event free of charge for the entire campsite.В  Often times there are parks or recreation areas in the middle of campgrounds.В  And if your event is campground approved, you'll be good to go, and will make lots of new friends!
  4. Choose a movie that is appropriate to your surroundings.В  There are plenty of films that fit the theme of the great outdoors: Over the hedge, Into the Wild, Homeward Bound, 7 Years in Tibet, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Blair Witch Project, and on and on! If you're camping during a holiday such as the Fourth of July, Independence Day or The Patriot would be great selections!
  5. Don't forget the S'mores! There are some really tasty treats that will enrich your outdoor movie experience.В  You could host a classic camping dinner before the movie begins, with baked beans, hot dogs, and cole-slaw. Then, break out the marshmallows for some gooey s'mores!В  If it is cool outside, hot chocolate or hot cider will warm up your guests and will make the experience more enjoyable all around.
  6. Last but not least! Don't forget the bug-spray or citronella candles.В  Those mosquitoes can be pesky, but if you come prepared, they'll steer clear of your amazing outdoor movie setup.
If you are interested in acquiring an outdoor movie system from Open Air Cinema, contact us today by clicking here! We'll be in touch with you shortly, and will assist you in finding the right outdoor movie equipment that will meet your needs and budget.

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