Outdoor Movie Featured Product: Open Air Cinema's 16' Pro Inflatable Movie Screen

inflatable movie screen Order your Open Air Cinema 16' Pro Inflatable Movie Screen in the OAC online store today.В  You can also place your order over the phone by calling 866-802-8202, and a friendly Open Air Cinema representative will be happy to assist you.В  Alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form, and we'll be in touch with you soon. We look forward to shipping your new inflatable movie screen soon. Open Air Cinema's 16' Pro Outdoor Movie Screen is our most popular screen for several reasons.В  The massive 16' wide projection surface is large enough that you can host hundreds of guests at your event, yet the screen has a small enough footprint that it can fit comfortably in most backyards.В  The rear stability arms help for easy setup and wind resistance, and the zippable projection surface makes for easy cleaning and storage, ensuring that you have a bright white surface to project your favorite movies on. The screen is built with highly durable materials, and therefore will last for years even with heavy use in harsh conditions.В  One of our customers has held several events per week on a beach in Florida for several years, and their screen is standing strong! Remember that inflatable movie screens aren't just for watching movies - you can project your favorite sporting event live through your satellite or cable TV connection, play those hilarious old family home movies, hook up your karaoke machine for a fun sing along experience, play your favorite video games, and much more.В  The diversity of applications makes an inflatable movie screen a worthwhile purchase for home entertainment or business use.В  As you watch your favorite films under the stars, you'll be glad you went with the very best in outdoor entertainment. Order your Open Air Cinema 16' Pro inflatable movie screen today in the OAC online store.

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